animated water?

How exactly would I go about making something like this?

I came across it on youtube and it blew me away because I had no idea you could do something like this. At first I thought it was a moving displacement but looking closer at it, I guess dont really know.

scrolling texture

see here

Are you sure?
looking at the sides it kind of looks like its moving up and down?
or maybe I have bad eyes?
or maybe the guy just did a good job?

i’m guessing it was just a displacement, the texture scrolls over it giving it the “bumpy” feel.

Aww man I thought he came up with some crazy displacement that moves around…

Not possible in source. It could of also been a model.

Looking at it closer it apparently seems to be one “base color” displacement and a “rapids” transparent displacement put a few units above it.

If you want an even better effect you can make it both animate and scroll.

It’s a multi-layered displacement textured with TF2’s waterfall texture.