Animating complex landing gears

Hello there, I’m currenlty working on a project called Neurotec microplanes, and I’m trying to make the planes as detailed as possible. The problem is, some of the planes have very complex landing gears that have multiple moving parts.

Here is an example:

Is there any way i can make them work without having to split them into several models and then animating each one? Like, some sort of “axis” tool so i can add joints to the different moving parts or something?

I really need some help with this, i can’t keep porting the models untill i deal with this issue.

If you want the entire plane to remain one model with landing gear animations, you’re going to have to assign bones to the various parts of the model, make several sequences (ie. landing gear extend, landing gear retract, landing gear extended, landing gear retracted, etc.) and animate each one.

But it gets even more complicated if you want other things like the ailerons, elevator and tail to actuate according to plane controls because you’ll start having to blend animations to run at the same time.

If you don’t know anything about animation, you’ll probably have to commission a modeller to do it. Unless you can find one willing to do it for free.

You may be able to break the model up into pieces and do the animation with Lua scripting, but it would be equally if not more complicated than just animating it.

I think I can take a crack at it, I’ll do it for free since I’m not “Professional”, And I don’t have anything else to do.

I’m no modeller* btw. I only do rigging and animating.