Animating props

I’ve worked on a few models here and there, mostly static, just to get the hang of it. I want to make the jump to dynamic prop making so in other words make my models animate. I feel with animation I can do a whole lot more and bring some really cool stuff to the community.

Anyways, Ive been using Maya and XSI and I’ve become stumped. Animating in Source is completely different since bones become involved, and separate SMD files with bone data. I’ve looked high and low for a tutorial on animating my prop but I’ve found nothing that puts me on the right path. I had a few attempts of making a simple object spin 360 degrees on it’s y-axis through Maya/XSI but the model just doesn’t animate in the viewer when I compile it. Clearly something isn’t right and I know it’s simply because I don’t have enough information/ knowledge on the subject. Are there tutorials out there? Can someone help me in learning how to do this properly?

Thanks before hand.