First of all i apologise for the thread , cause i didn’t see any sub-forum for questions so i’ll just go ahead :

how do people animate such video

and i want to know especialy about the neck thing , like how did they do it? i know (from my experience) that’s not possible to do with HAT tools , or is it?
thanks in advance

Source Film Maker.


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i’ve just done a bit of research and apparently it’s illegal? since it sfm comes with tf2 beta 2007

is that true?

It is apparantly.

Also, maybe someone could make an addon that makes you be able to stretch limbs.

: / bummer.

i think someone has done something similar , animating with lua in gmod , but… i dunno. the sfm looks more professional. Well thanks again

sfm was used to make meet the team. When meet the pyro is out, hopefully they will let us use it :slight_smile:

Havn’t modded much tf2, though I think you can animate in max, maya or blender.etc, compile it to a custom model as a taunt, then add the sound in later, though i’ve only bothered animating for gmod.


Do you have a more practical solution? In all respect, 3DS MAX is powerful, but it’s too expensive (unless you’re in the habit of pirating things), and it’s very hard to learn at first.

so thats all my options … oh well , i guess I’ll stick to gmod

thanks for that I’ll try it