Animation and Sound Problems

hi @ all,

at first, im going to introduce myself…

i´m from germany, 19 years old, and me and my friends are working seriously on a new game mode.

im the mapper of the team and i got some questions at last.

  1. Im trying to make a button. the function should be: if you press the button, red light and a siren sound should appear… ok… fine that works. but the problem is, if i press the button again, the light and sound should disappear, but only the light does, what can i do? (the light and sound is on toggle, i mean the outputs of the button are, on pressed (light and sound) toggle… i hope you understand )

  2. Maybe you know the combine camera, which got full animations…(i hope so :slight_smile: ). The task i got is to make an area, where i can walk through(trigger) and if i am in that trigger, the camera should activate and follow the person in that area ( it should look at that person). if im moving from the trigger, the camera should deactivate it self. the problem is, i have no idea how to solve that problem.

i hope you can help me, thanks


ok i fixed that thing with the camera…


sorry for wasting your time, i fixed both problems