Animation appears not to be snappy enough (First-person viewmodel tweening issue)

Hi, everyone. I’m trying to get a working “firing” animation for a weapon I’m working on, but the weapon doesn’t snap to the initial keyframe, which leaves the animation very lazy/slow. The parts take too much time to get to their designated spot. In other words, the bones are moving too slow to keep up with the animation.

I see weapons that are much less laggy in these terms, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Is there any way to toggle this, or…?

Here, I’ve slapped together an extremely crappy demonstration video to show whoever doesn’t understand what’s going on:

NEW NEWS: I’ve decompiled and recompiled a model I haven’t edited myself in any way, and it seems to have the aforementioned issue, while the one not compiled by me didn’t have the problem. This either means Blender does it (which I doubt, because playing imported animations in Blender doesn’t show the lag) or StudioCompiler does it. Any suggestions?

C’mon, guys.

Somebody has to know this. Seriously.

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