Animation dont work

Hi everyone,
I got a very silly problem. I am actually working on a gamemode which is derived from the base gamemode. Now if i activate the thirdperson view ingame i see that my model doesnt play any animations. I use mainly the CSS models.
I dont modified something at the animations so i dont know why they dont work.

has anybody an idea?

Greetings Obstsalat

Give us more details about your problem. Do you mean that your player model is T-Posed? What animations system do you use? Could you post the code for your animations.lua (if you have any)? Did you make the gamemode from scratch or did you edit an already existing gamemode?

1, Are they in T-Position?
Yes, they are. They wont rotate or anything if i move.

2, Which Animationsystem do you use?
Ähmm, what? I dont use any Animationsystem (except if the base gamemode has a default one) and a animations.lua or something like this dont exists.

  1. Did you gamemode from scratch?
    I dont know what you meant by that, but it isnt coded out of other gamemodes. I started with 3 empty lua files^^

Does your gamemode error? Without further details and maybe some code my guess is your overriding an animation hook.

I dont override any functions that could be important for the animations (mainly i use the death and spawn hooks) also there arent any errors in the console linked to this problem.
You say without further informations. Please say me what you need to know and i will tell it to you. I’ve spend a lot of time already into this gamemode and i dont want crash it no because of some shit with the animations.

can you give us the file path to one of the models that aren’t working?

Here the complete function i use to set players model:


garry uses unique names for those models to get them to work for his animation system. So, “models/player/ct_sas.mdl” should be “models/player/gasmask.mdl”

if you go into the spawn menu section where it lets you change your player model it lists all the model names that he uses.

I will test it tomorrow, actually i got no gmod at this computer, just the code.
But if it works there is one question left. How can i then use own models? I got one model that is normally used for an npc. This model also dont use any animations, but the NPC use them. Is there a way to fix them?
The npc is out of the replicatorpackage(the little bug)(here the link

Unfortunately, because garry’s animation system is a bit odd, you would have to write a new animation system just for that model. I may be wrong about that, but that is exactly what i’m trying to do with the model for Dog from hl2. So far i havn’t gotten anywhere.

Yippih -.-
more work was exactly what i dont need. Is there a possibility to get the code for garrys animationsystem from anywhere?
At the moment i have no idea how to write an own animationsystem

not that i know of, but if i find it i’ll post it.

Hmm. So there are no references how to code an animationsystem or how it works?

Follow the links in this thread for examples.

To use npc models for player models use this.