Animation error, dunno how to explain cause I'm dumb

How do I fix that? it’s perfectly fine in 3dsmax/model viewer.

i think its something to do with the .smd file itself before you compiled it

It plays fine in the editor, and I haven’t made any change to the smd itself. perhaps there’s meant to be some thing I add to the qc file to fix it. any help anyone?

Post your qc please, also try exporting at a different frame number and see if it works any better

currently cannot recompile, I don’t have my external with my steam contents on me.
as for my .qc, here it is:

Could try adding snap to the reload, and shooting sequences

right, and how do I do that? sorry, I’m really pretty new to compiling.

In the compile options put ‘snap’

$sequence shoot3 "shoot3" ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK 1 rotate -90 snap fps 30.00 {

Pretty sure your idle sequence and shoots need the snap, not the reload…

Just put snap in everything to be safe.