Animation fix along with a DarkRP question.

So I’m wondering, is there a fix for the animation on the playermodels? If not does the new DarkRP have it fixed? Please let me know, thank you.

I’m pretty sure this is wrong subforum.
And what kind of problem is there anyway.

Well I wasn’t sure which one I didn’t know if it were the help and suggestions or…? Anyway, my friends and I would like to know if there’s an animation fix. Like when you hold the shotgun (I think it’s one of the CSS realistic weapons, I have no idea what he has on there). The playermodel holds the shotgun like it’s a pistol, and when they have their keys out it’s like a pistol but not there.

Because you use dated sweps. The way the correct animation for sweps is selected is scripted a bit differently now because of an update and all swep scripts needed to be updated. There was a huge whine about this back then.

Either find a possible fix or get other sweps.

Edit: And oh yeah, you cant see the gun because it is in the models center point as a “grotch gun”. That is because the model is not rigged. You will need someone with a 3d editing program and small experience to fix that.

I guess it isn’t the sweps thing. It happens with the keys that DarkRP usually give you, the battering ram, etc. My friend tried the new DarkRP, the latest one no fix.