Animation for LOD Models

I am wondering how incorporating animation into LOD models works. I’m fairly new to modeling for Source. I use Blender and I’m able to model, texture, and animate props, along with a collision model, but I’m now trying to incorporate a LOD model for the first time.

I know the standard procedure is to use the “decimate” modifier in blender to simplify the model, and specify that model in the QC file for LOD. However I’m wondering how this works with a model that is animated. Will the animation translate over to the LOD model when the model is switched out?

The animation works with the bones and changing the mesh won’t delete the animations, as long as it has the same bones (as in name) and a good weight paint, it will do the animation, you will need to re-do the vertex groups for it to work (I assume you will), however, unless it’s a feature/gig of the model (getting scarier the closer you get, appearing only when very close etc.), I really suggest you not to use a LOD in the first place, not only will it take space, although not much, but it will most importantly take time and will probably be a tedious process for something that has no reason to be there, LODs were made to reduce lag with multiple models so it would only have to load the close ones, with modern computers and unless you’re trying to make a complicated video of 100 NPCs, LODs shouldn’t be used.

Don’t make LODs

There is no point in making them anymore

I got it working! It was much easier than expected. All I had to do was decimate the model in Blender and export it to another lod SMD and add it to the QC! Took about 5 minutes to actually figure it out.

Even if there’s no point anymore, I’m doing this so I can learn every aspect of modeling for games.

Thanks guys!

WE WARNED YOU BUT YOU DIDN’T LISTEN! Now comes the worst, REPENT! (jk don’t)

Stop using decimate modifier aswell. It gives bad results with complex geometry (especially for weapons).

Really? It seemed to work pretty well in my case. Down to 1/3 verts while retaining a good look from a distance. I wasn’t using it for a weapon though, just a small physics prop. Seems like it can be adjusted as necessary to give a good look.