Animation for NPC

Good day all. I want to creat my npc. I have ragdoll, i all it to npc spawn list … all cool, but regdoll havent animation (sic!). I tried to find guide or some thing else, but I found nothing. So … can any one help me whis this problem? You can also say “Try to search” but i have very very slow enternet now … So if some one give me link or full guide that would be great)

Well, not all ragdolls are capable of being Npc’s, alot of the better models i’ve seen out here with custom model skeletons with different bone names, while Garry’s Mod only takes compiled Valve Biped skeletons to use npc animations.

I might be able to turn it into an npc for you if you give me the link, but I can’t give it the animations if it doesn’t have the right skeleton built into it.

This one … any way thx for any help ^ ^

I’m afraid this one uses a custom skeleton to. I took a look at the bone names this morning and the bone names didn’t match that of the valve-biped skeleton. So I’m afraid i can’t assign it the animations, sorry. =(

You can try to ask around and see if a modeler can rig it to a valve-biped, but around facepunch it’s pretty unlikely.

Very bad … but thx any way … and can you answer my new question. Is there any way to understand which the bone using the model\regdoll? Or should I use some program?

And may be you can help whis this request ?