Animation in a map?

i remember, about a month ago, someone made an animation in a map that depicted the player hand animation of turning a crank.

i had the same idea, but you would pick up a crowbar on a nearby crate, then realistically, pry off some wood boards on a window, then break the window with the but of the crowbar, then throw the crowbar on the ground. then returning to player control. without the crowbar.

how would i make this work in hammer? i will ask how to do the animation on the modeling forum.

You would need to make a mod and change the source code a bit to allow this, It’s what happened in the other thread.

No, it’s not.

you would need to make custom animations, and make some epic point_viewcontrols and stuff.
Sorry to say, but im 95% sure that is an impossible thing to do well.

oh, ok.


i was thinking, some triggers, some timers, and some outputs, then just the animation with viewpoints. to “simulate” that your doing all of these things.

well actually you could fake this in single player by using a bunch of point_viewcontrols, a ton of animated models (one being the window) and a lot of time and patience.

Shame - screws up all the Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners mod conversions.

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95% sure that’s impossible?

I’m pretty sure that makes it possible, just hard.

It is actually quite possible, just a bitch to time everything properly and make the cameras move at a realistic pace

Yer that’s what i was saying. I would LOVE to see this.

It would be fantastic, but how do you make animations?