Animation Problems

So im making a class for the Zombie Survival Gamemode and I have this code to run the animations. The problem is it dosent wanna run the anmations and the sequence names are correct help would be much appreciated. Also it does run some animations like ACT_RUN but anything like this Run_1/Attack_1 wont work.

function CLASS:CalcMainActivity(pl, velocity)
	if velocity:Length2D() <= 0.5 then
		pl.CalcIdeal = ACT_IDLE_FULL
		pl.CalcIdeal = ACT_Run_1

	return true


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On topic:
There is no such thing as ACT_Run_1, where did you get that from?
The full list of activities is here

It is one of the sequences that the model im using has its called “run_1” im trying to use that sequence

Ok. I’ll have to leave it to someone else as I’m not too experienced with Activities and Sequences, but you could perhaps have a look at

Entity:LookupSequence and

Entity:GetSequenceActivity and see if it gives you an ACT you can use.


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Bumps are usually spaced out 24 or more hours apart. Spamming bumps won’t make anyone help you. Can you actually show the QC file of the model that is giving you issues?