Animation Request

Hello, I’m curious to know if anyone out there is willing to fulfill a request for me.

I was attempting to decompile a ragdoll model so I could make the citizen idle anims currently on it change to a combine soldiers idle anims, if that makes any sense. I have managed to change the mdldecompiler.qc file accordingly, but the only problem I am encountering is what to do after that. I am still quite new to all of this, so I figure I can let someone who actually knows what they’re doing complete this task for me.

File with all .mdls (including VTX, PHY, and VVD files) :

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Recently I decided to try and hex the model instead of decompile/recompile. Using XVI32, I managed to finally change the anims but the only problem now is that the npc in-game is checkered purple and black. I’m assuming this is because I deleted the old anims instead of overwriting them. The only reason why I did that was because when I replaced the rest of the unwanted text with spaces, the npc would be in the T-pose.

Update: Disregard my post, I managed to figure it out after staying up till 6am.