Animation Suite Fix

For those of you who have downloaded Hrmnx’s AWESOME Animation Suite and have it working, well, AWESOME! But there are several people, like me, who can’t get it working. Well, I couldn’t. Now I have! It involves opening a .lua file in NotePad. Here is a proper description.

In the folder AnimationSuite, find Track.lua. Copy and paste it to the same directory (as a back-up), and then open Track.lua in NotePad.

function Track:Create(animator)
local track = {}
setmetatable(track, self)
self.__index = self
track.frames = {}
track.animator = animator;
track.time = animator.curTime
track.armed = false = -1
track.valid = true

This is the bit of code to change. Simply change “track.armed = false” to “track.armed = true”. Then save and run Gmod! It should now work! (If it doesn’t, let me know because there were some files I moved around as well, so that may be the fix too). I don’t know why this works. Sorry if you’re interested in that! Also apologies if this sort of thing is against the rules. :frowning: