Animation with SetSequence...

So heres my problem, SetSequence is not working clientside (is it even supposed to?), and running it serverside causes the animation to be choppy.

This is all I’m doing:
function ENT:Initialize()

Any other way to animate a model? Theres got to be something I’m doing wrong.

oh, and ent:Fire(“setanimation”, “idle01”, 0) does the same thing.

Just thought I’d post since this is relevant to my interests.

I’m also suffering from laggy animations serverside. Clientside, I can play one animation. Thereafter, it won’t play any sequence whatsoever.

For laggy animation serverside, add ENT.AutomaticFrameAdvance = true in shared.lua, and you’ll also need a Think function that runs at the maximum speed (add this at this at the end of your Think function)

return true[/lua]


AutomaticFrameAdvance is already enabled, but I’ll defo try that Think stuff. I’ll edit once I’ve tried it out. Thanks!


Great, it’s fixed! Thanks _Kilburn!