Animations, anyone here that knows something?

I figured I’m gonna try myself at some animation. And I wanna start with editing the tf2 scouts pistol taunt.
I’ve already decompiled the scouts animations-something-blargh.mdl and found the .smd I want to edit.
But is there anyone here that has some tips on animating with the source skeletons? Any good tutorials I should about?
And lastly, if I edit the scouts taunt02something.smd will I have to fix it’s faceposing all over?
And here’s the move I wanna replace the taunt with (can’t use youtube from work -.-’)
Young Ocelot’s taunt or “move”

I also need help D:
When i import an animation in 3DS Max and then drag on the timeline nothing happens

You have to recreate the taunt from scratch and save it as the same filename

Why i cant watch the original one?

Try pivot. It’s better.

Uh? As in animating with Pivot techinques, or Pivot the program?
'Cause I’m talking about animating a character, not some line based stickfigure a 5 year old drew you for christmas

I think he dunno want to tell you

But you should get XSI Mod Tool, because I think 3DS Max you dunno want to buy

Got myself 3ds max by “any means necessary”

If you want my opinion, use Mod Tool, it’s got better source integration. It might be harder to learn, but I think it’s better in the long run.

You mean XSI?

Yeah, but ignore me, I wasn’t really reading properly. Are you using Max already? I heard max has some skeleton issues with SMDs.

Also, it’s not called XSI anymore, it’s now called Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool.

It’s not Max, it’s just decompiling from TF2 anims is fucked.

Haha ok. Download 3ds max then?

Protip, before decompiling a player model’s animations, check where you are putting them.


Also, I see what you mean about the broken animations. Would it be possible to just completely redo the animation you want to edit using the decompiled bones, and then compile the QC, or would that make every animation except the one you made broken?

I think the problem is importer related, so I guess it’d work?

Ill try, I just let the Engi say hello and dont change the other animations

I’m uploading a video of my problem now to Youtube, it’s processing now

It seems to play some other animations after the taunt, but at very different angles

does fuck up all animations + icluding your own!!!
Youre just a little cracy thing on the floor


Which way have you decompiled/imported?
Do u use Wunderboys importer?

Yep, Wunderboy, and a hacked decompiler I found somewhere

Can you please send me this decompiler :frown: