Animations are mixed/non-existant (Dedicated)

Well, for some time now, I’ve had this issue. For whatever reason, Animations are mixed up. Eli Idles oddly, often spazzing to lay down or stand up with his hands at his side, quite randomly. When Citizens shoot, their arms go up. When players shoot, their hands go down. There is also an apparent lack for most HL2 sounds. I tried copying the scene files, and sound files (all of them) from a GCF. This did not fix it. I have put up with this for a while, but it’s gotten to a point where it’s very annoying. Yes, my server is updated, etc. This has been doing this since I installed it. I have no idea what’s doing it.

Also, totally unrelated, but equally stupid: I can’t see myself in a vehicle. CTRL does work, but the cars are empty. Is this for everyone?

(Sandbox server.)

Any Idea? This is now urgent. I’m afraid that people are not joining because of it.

Reinstall the whole lot would be my suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion…

I had this same problem (minus the camera problem) on the other PC I had ran the server off of. I don’t think that’ll help. I fixed the sound one, due to very deep searching.


Advanced Dupe
Air Vehicles system
Buddy finder
Buoyancy tool
Conna's Tools
CSS Realistic Weapons
Door Stool
Fintool 2
OL_Measuring stick
Particle Maker
Pill Mod (Doesn't work... Probably due to the vehicle Issue)
Prop Resizer
Propeller Tool
SBMP (Only models, got rid of LUA)
VU Mod
Unofficial Wire Addons
Weight tool

The only problems left are the animations and the fact you can’t see yourself in vehicles. (You can however, see other players.)

I forgot to add, I put All the OB stuff in. I extracted the GCFs Models/maps/materials into the garrysmod folder on the server.

Please help, this is becoming very annoying.

Dang it didn’t automerge D:

Since I’m recieving no help. I’m proceeding to copy ALL the games into the root or OB folder of my server, hoping that these GCFs contain the proper animations. I will report if it helps. I really wish i wouldn’t need to do this.

I hope if this works to help others.

Copy the “shared source 2007 models” gcf would’ve been the answer. It’s too late now though, but I’m posting this anyway.

Yes, I put in all the GCFs. It worked. It also mounted the games properly :smiley:
I had to get rid of the chair models though, as they screwed with the vehicle spawning (no spawning chairs D:)

I put all the GCFs containing “source”, EP1, Ep2,TF2 and Portal. I do get the issue with people standing up in seats after they’ve been advanced duped. It doesn’t matter though.

Everything’s fixed, Dr. Wats- I mean CapsAdmin :stuck_out_tongue: