Animations for picking up objects and stuff?

I had this thought a while ago whilst playing G-Mod:

Whenever you pick of a weapon, you are holding it INSTANTLY. Could there be an animation of you picking it up and SHOWING your hands and what not?

It get’s boring just picking up a weapon and it’s instantly in your hands, ready to go. The reload times are the most unrealistic things ever too lol. You can reload the pistol in under a second, the SMG1 in under 1.5 seconds, ect. I’m not asking anyone to do this, but I’m not asking anyone to completely act like this never happened :v:

I figured it would go like this:
You spawn a weapon on the ground, and when you pick it up there is an animation of a hand reaching down and grabbing it…Yeah that sums it up :dance:

So any feedback would be nice :gonk:

For it to look half decent (actually going down and grabbing the weapon, unlike some games where you just sort of bend over to get it then its magically in the view position) the models would need the animation coded into them.

Ok, just wondering if anyone could try this or something :wink: