Animations for pointshop models

Hey everyone!

So after an arduous fight with gmod, gmad, gmpub and 3ds max (was quite the brawl I’ll tell you) I have finally gotten custom models to work in the server I help run.

So next order of business is obviously to make some ball’n models and one of the ones I want to make next is a treasure chest (piratey server for TTT ya know). So my idea is to have the chest be kinda open and just have 2 bones(one for the main chest part and one for the lid) that make the lid kinda open and close while the player is running around (kinda just jiggle I guess really).

Now I’m not sure what to do cause I guess I could just do the “idle” as it kinda doing the jiggle opening and closing but really I’d love to be able to just put a bone on the lid and let physics deal with it on the servers.

Any thoughts on how to tackle?

You’ll want to add a lid bone and then check up on$jigglebone.

Ah sweet wasn’t sure if source actually had jiggles or not. Thanks for the info :smiley: