Animations, gestures & signmaking!

Greetings everyone!

I came up with this, although Im sure I am not the only one, that it would be very nice to make gestures ingame to add to the overall ‘feel’ of the game.
Gestures such as a raised fist, military salute, waving, insulting, surrendering, raisning your hands, (might be the same thing) etc. will all add to your gameplay experience!

Another thing is animations. Have you ever cared to look at the idle animations in any give multiplayer game and realised that your friends and you are acting like robots?
Its just not fiesable!

I suggest that you give players some idle animations, based on how long they have been idling.

  1. A simple little twitch, a head-glanze to the sides checking out the terrain, nothing much. Just something.
  2. A shrug, a headshake, a quick turn of the head to get some variation.
  3. A kick in the dirt, bobbing of the head, something that makes the player look like he is bored. :smile:

Another thing concerning animations is the way you hold your weapons.
In every MP-game so far, you have been shouldering your rifle, 24/7. Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger has the upper body strength to pull that off!
In my mind, I have 3 animations in place: (I’ll post images as soon as I get home!)

  1. High Alert!
    You stand with your weapon pointed at the enemy, hip fire style.

  1. Active
    You stand with your weapon at the ready, although not pointing any direction in particular.

  1. At ease
    You stand with your weapon close to your body, with the tip of your barrel pointing downwards, not to risk any friendly fire.

It should funtvion much like it does in ‘All Points Bulletin’, a free-to-play GTA multiplayer style game, where when you aim/fire, you will have the “High Alert” status, when stop aiming/firing, after a couple of seconds you will have the “Active” status for a while. After yet some time, couple of seconds, you will return to the “At ease” status until you will move/aim/fire again.

That was all the animations I had in my head for now, Ill be sure to update with any other animations I come up with!

Cpt | Marabou

Might be interesting for those without mics to communicate quickly.

Yes, much like the system in DayZ.

Nice idea, Garry was able to do it in GMOD, maybe he could just squeeze it into a Rust Patch. Awesome, but again… DayZ

Good idea.

This is awesome, however I will stipulate that these would be great just as animations for the purpose of realism and aesthetics. Not actually having to manually change stances to do things. In no way shape or form do I want to see DayZ’s “press space to bring up your ‘fighting’ stance”. Cause that’s just dumb.

Agreed. The only ‘stance’ one ought to be able to control might be the ‘surrender’ stance with your hands in the air.

Nice idea!

We definitely need more body language in this game.