Animations / Scene - Thread v1

Hello! I havent seen any Threads made Sourly for Animations. Well here it is!

You can post your
Weapon Animations,
Scene Animations (Like Cutscene Animations)
Work in Progress Animations.
Basically anything that is animated.

Yes, They can be Recorded In-Game / In-Engine!

Want to learn how to Animate?
3DS Max (I Used these Tutorials) - Animation Basics - How to animate a Character to Move - Basics to First Person Animating

Blender (I Dont use blender, did best i could to find Tutorials) - Basics to Animating - How to animate a Character to Move - First Person Animating

Well I guess I’ll start us off then. Here’s a combo attack I recently got done with. I tried to use snappier timing and smear frames for this one.


Thats Great! i cant rate it. I’ve also got some animations, but im having trouble Exporting it. I Mean Rendering it (late Edit)