I have a few player models that were uploaded to my server, but they aren’t working properly. Though from your point of view, you can still do everything fine. The world animations are messed up. The player will only face one certain way, will not crouch, will not jump, and holds the phys,grav, and tool gun where the crotch is. How would I go about correcting this?

First check to make sure the model is on the Valve Biped skeleton. If it is, make sure to include the proper animation files on compile. If the model is not on the proper skeleton and you just added the model to the playermodel list, you will need to re-rig the model.

I have not the slightest clue about modeling. Perhaps some detailed tips would be helpful.

I’m sure you can find a tutorial out there, but if you don’t know anything about modeling, you probably shouldn’t take up rigging as a first subject.

Well, I’m trying to get these models fixed that I already have done. They are the only thing keeping me from server launch, I’ve ran out of resources and can’t find anyone willing to help with the actual work.

Also, I can’t find a tutorial that will show me what I’m needing done.

mariokart’s rigging tutorial may be a bit outdated, but if you go to the right section if pretty much teaches the basic of rigging

If you are looking for mario’s thread: