Hello, i was wondering if someone could do animations for these models. And if it takes too much time, could someone atleast make the dog animations.

Here is the pack: (you will see the dog model in the first pic)

I really need them for my RERP Server and it will represent an Cerberus SNPC. (Dog animations most important atm)

OR if you find another animated dog model, since i haven’t been able to find any.

That’s alot to ask. That means having to make a rig for all of them, enveloping the mesh to the biped rig, and in terms of a dog, it’d need a custom rig, and custom animations. I’d estimate this’d all take about a week if the one doing it all is that determined. Since there are hardly any animators around these forums, you’d be better off taking it up with one of them, if you can find one, let alone if they decide to listen.

Okey thanks for the info.

Is the dog model the only one you need animated? I don’t mean to offend the previous poster but I doubt it will even take more than an hour to do, as it’s already rigged to a skeleton.

Edit: I had a bit of fun making this =P

Not the strangest player model I’ve made but it’s up there.

Let me know if this is what you want :smiley:

He wanted an NPC model I believe. =D

Thats awesome! So i can use it on an SNPC? And any link btw?

I don’t really know anything about making SNPCs yet, but I would imagine you can do anything you want with it as long as the animations are there.

The included model contains three custom animations (run, sit, idle) with multiple ACT_* designations.