Can someone make a skin and basic animations for this model:


Ooops… sorry about the crappy title…

What is it exactly? because your title and the name of the file don’t give much light in that matter :S

Umm. You didn’t tell us what it is or even what kind of animations do you want for it.

Sorry, I was in a huge rush, It’s a german 6mm Rohm RG3 model, I was asking if someone could make a skin for it, a firing animation, and a reload animation.

Tiny little thing though?

Animations are not skins. Do you mean a texture or a 3d view model?

I know they are not skins, but in the link I provided it is only a model, not a view model either.

It needs three seperate things - A view Model - A skin which does not need to be as detailed as the picture - And firing and reloading animations.


Maybe I should stop being lazy and learn to model…

And stop bumping with no content.
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If you got enought cash to buy the modeling programs…

Never mind…let this thread die.