Anime Exterminatus

Kill them all! Blood for the Warmaster!

a bit of a mess composition-wise but otherwise i’m satisfied with it

Holy shit

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That guy center-right waving his chainsaw and boltgun looks a bit weird, though.

looks about right


yeah a bit hard to see with the huge pauldron and backpack covering everything but he’s finishing a swing to the left and upwards while shooting. i spent some time thinking about his pose and trying various and this is the best one i could come up with. i added the horns to give the viewer an idea of where he’s looking

whoa, this is one of your best works man, fucking incredible

I don’t think that’s the guy I was talking about. The guy I was talking about has a chainsword and a bolter, and he’s holding both up in the air, looks like he’s charging. He’s in between the blood soaked guy shooting the girl on the ground and the guy with the axe knocking Knuckles into the air.

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Everything else is amazing though, don’t get me wrong.

My merge.

aah yeah that dude. wanted to make him look like he really wants to get into the thick of it, but since he’s completely nuts like close combat-oriented Space Marines tend to be, he doesn’t spare any thought for which weapon he should use first, and so he just charges straight at the enemy with both in the air

in hindsight, i probably should have made his gun arm point a bit lower

Not a fan of the animu, eh?

what gave you that idea?

Awesome! Just awesome!

Fucking yes, fucking winner, fucking everything. Awesome as always, master!

I just can’t believe it. You make a pose in fullbright and you edit it to a real life level. Oustanding.

not fullbright, but atmospheric lighting from lights and sunlight from lamps

Those midlfight shots could definitely use some extra blur, though.

i don’t use blur unless the picture has depth of field.

I think a very, very slight blur would benefit the picture, to match the blurring particles. Keeping in mind that this is all very nit-picky and it’s a kickass screenshot :v:

now i see, sorry

Your editing skills are god-like
Great work

this is a good point, i’ll try messing with it a bit more