Anime Openings in Gmod

**i coulndt take the negativness and now im delin’ it and never making a new video again because of bad criticism **

Lucky Star:

Death Note:

These were recorded on a live server.

ill just go kill myself now, thanks.

Dude those sucked alot, most specifically the death note, talk about camera rape?


Nevermind that, they ALL had camera rape.

These are excellent and you shall be regarded as a hero in these forums. I commend you sir for making these fantastic videos.



My eyes can’t handle anymore.

It’s so pathetic that it is funny.

What a whiny piece of shit cop.

saying this is pointless.
what other type of server are you gonna record it on? a pre-recorded server!?

meh. Maximum the hormone isn’t that great but these are crap.


Nice going ruining Cowboy Bebop.


um, what?


Good Work I liked that part when the camera zoomed in and out.