Annabell - My Pickup/Flatbed.

A few weeks ago, nice chap name of Winston came onto the server and started pulling out some damn nice cars.

He then pulled out a model T looking car and I decided to try my hand at it.

The result is what I call Annabell. An odd Ford T flatbed pickup thing. I’m silly proud of it and I think it came out pretty damn well.


Phx3 for the body,
Propeller pack for the exhaust (I know they don’t fit but I like them),
Karbine chassis - Taken from here -
Thrusters for power, cheap but I just wanted it to look good.

Might turn it into a T-Bucket next. Thanks to Mr White, Chills, XDaveyX, Draconian and a few other people from the Rawr Build.


Photoshoop -

Looks great in my opinion.

Looks like some 1920’s car.

the model t was an early 20th century vehicle

looks very nice, might I suggest you make the ropes and such for the suspension invisible, and put some fake suspension system in its place? It tends to look a lot better than ropes.

I’m planning to redo the chassis, as it’s a bit fidgity. Might add solid rear axle to be more fitting of the cars look.

TF2 spring parts here I come!

Not bad

Edit: hope those wheels don’t flop to much

Well, did a slight cheat there. I couldn’t get them wheel to work, the thin moped ones. So I ended up parenting them inside some of the Prodigy tires which where slightly bigger but close enough, preso working tires.

I love mid to early 1900’s vehicles, this is very well done.

It’s pretty cool. But get rid of the ropes.

Well, I went to improve it, then I got distracted and I made a T Bucket.

Long live the Ratfink.

Front wheels are all sorts of wrong looking, I’ll fix it someday.

Cool motor

engine is kewl but rest is boxy

Fuck. Yes.

holy shit, what the hell is that?

Rat fink.

I agree with this dude. Both cars look like they are just floating in air without something connection the wheels to the chassis. Improve on this and you will remove the fail from these things.