Annihilation Army DarkRP serious roleplay server




Seems like every other darkrp server, at least use a different map, downtown got old months ago.

lol a serious DarkRp server thats funny.

Homophobic much? Plus your sexy :3

hey, I can be admin if you still are recuiting

im a serious rp’er (hard to come across with darkrp) and can ahve people to back this up

im on your server now if you happen to be reading this

This needs a lot more info about the server. What type of DarkRP are you using ? Who are the leader(s) of this ‘new group’. How many slots do you have and how many to you plan to have if you expand ? Are there custom jobs ? You say you ‘usually’ play on downtown, what other maps to you play on ? Is there a forum to go with the server ?

And that last line has also just ruined a lot of your credibility here.


hi I’m the mobboss

Todays Agenda : KILL COPZ !

Sure, i’ll come play.


anyone on the server?

Never said you did, to RP ‘seriously’ all one needs is a stable community and rules, and dedicated admins that can and will enforce them, regardless of the gamemode.


We are getting a new gamemode, anyone have any suggestions?


arr har harr harrr lululul

Nah, I quit as admin because the guy had a temper tantrum on me.