I like it.

I get what you are trying to do but it didn’t work the way it should have. If you wanted to focus on the guy in the foreground you shouldn’t have allowed for so much space ABOVE his head. His face should be a “boarder” for the right side of the screen and that wall shouldn’t be their, it creates to much of a narrow view between the face and the wall. This makes people focus in on what is going on in between. Also, less grain and don’t use lens flares.

The background looks fucking amazing, but as Ham said the head should be a little more high.
And I like the lens flare but the center of it should be a more transparent.

Nice work Fear.

I think this your best image I’ve seen, The whole image is great looking.

Still toying with HL2beta models?

that rebel chopper doesn’t belong there

Actually that chopper is the old attack helicopter from the combine, maybe it doesnt fit quite well, but its from the Combine so :v:


That weird ship on the front is from the Beta pack too? I didnt remember seen it :o

I like it. Great work Fear.

Wow, very nice.

I do like it but there are some things that are kind of meh.

The edges on the Helicopters at some places looks odd and the Combine being right up to the camera doesn’t look good, if he was gone and the edge on the Helicopters were smooth, I’d really like this.

Awesome picture

i like the colors but the guys head just ruins it for me

Have a <3

This is better but you still need to work on your camera angles. As Ham_Wallet said, if you want the focus on the Combine in the foreground then you need to lower the camera so there he head isn’t so cut off and so there isn’t so much wasted space at the top. The cheap lens flare is quite ugly, although I have seen worse. Work on your use of depth-of-field too because the whole picture is a tad blurry, even the Combine in the foreground. I also feel the black bars are unnecessary (and certainly don’t help with the previous point I made about the Combine being cut-off)

Other than that, nice work. The lighting is lovely.

It’s actually an armored scanner thing from retail (you only saw it like two or three times near the end)

Hm… I was thinking of doing something similar to this with Venom but the model looked terrible up close.
chucks some wood

something new, i like it.

Holy Merciful Fuck that is amazing FEAR.