Annihilator Helicopter

I am still fairly new to gmod and cannoth make anything more than an adv dupe file. I was wondering if anyone could make a version of the annihilator from gta 4 compatible with garrysmod? I love that helicopter really want one. Also, if you are able to make ANY of the vehicles from gta 4 it would be much appreciated.

To be fair I must say that it is possible to make the helicopter from GTAIV
1.The model has to be made
2.It must be compatible to garrysmod
3.It must be driveable, when I understood you right

or you could just play gta 4

well i made one for garrys mod thiers alot u need for it thou if your new.

what u will need:
4.adv dup
5.strong wield
6.unbreakable tool

i would send u my links but they went in for inspection because the admins dont want svn but its not.but thier checking it anyways.along with the wiremodels.

Do you think you could email me the links?