Announcement: [L.I.M.E] Legacy Inspired Mod for Experimental Rust

Hello everyone,

A lot of you are nostalgic about Legacy Rust, a lot of you are not. A majority of people on the other hand are somewhat on the fence, they like a lot of the new stuff, but miss a lot of the old stuff. I think most players who played both will agree the new Rust has a lot of potential and has improved in most areas of the game in a significant matter. Then again, the devil is in the details… Legacy had a ton of little minute details that all intertwined to make for an almost perfect balance between all areas of gameplay, be it farming, building, PVP’ing, researching, exploring, raiding, etc.

This mod is aimed at making minor tweaks to Experimental to make it feel more like Legacy. I identified and addressed a series of little things and alterred them in Experimental to improve balance and enjoyment, all while remaining true to the changes that do make Experimental better.

This is a work in progress, I have a long list of stuff I want to change on top of what’s already done. I am eiger to hear about your thoughts, concerns and suggestions and I will be using that feedback to shape how the mod evolves in the future.

At the current time, this mod is not public. Look for the keyword “LIME” in the server listing to find the server(s) we have running it and come try it out!

So here is the list of changes as of version 1.0.0. I will be updating this post to add new features as they are done.

  • Craft rate is 3X normal
  • Gunpowder craft rate is X10 normal
  • The following blueprints are now default blueprints: Codelock, Waterpipe shotgun
  • Explosion Radius of Timed Explosive Charge is 0.75 instead of 4.0
  • Triangle costs are 50%
  • Pillar costs are 25%
  • Health of pillars is 400% normal
  • Health of foundations is 400% normal
  • Salvaged Axe now has the same durability as a hatchet
  • Salvaged Axe has X2 wood gathering rate vs hatchet, making it the top wood tool
  • Noob rock has 5X durability vs normal
  • Stack size of most items is X2
  • Stack size of food items is 40 (including cans and other items that usually single-stack)
  • Stack size of rockets is X4 (they stack to 12)
  • Stack size of Charcoal now matches sulfur for convenience
  • Stack size of bandages is now 5 units

Like I said, this is just the beginning and they are mild-tweaks for the most part.

Come try it out and tell me what you think!!!


NEW in 1.0.1:

  • Fixed wood stack size so its 125% (as opposed to 120%) the size of ore stacks. This allows you to split a 2k stack of metal ore in 4, put a stack of wood, 1 metal frag and end up with 2001 frags and nothing else left in there
  • Added an extra wood/ore gather multiplier (set to 2x by default) to reduce the dreaded Experimental grind
  • Adjusted radiation in rad towns so that anything under 250 is 20% damage, anything under 400 is 50% damage, above 400 is 100% (normal) and hitting 500 is instagib
  • Fixed salvaged axe destroyFraction that was making trees doing down real fast (brought to zero there is no more wastage you get the whole tree)
  • Added revolver to default blueprints

Pillars, floors and foundations should be 900%, triangle pieces disabled, rockets disabled, armored should be disabled, sheet metal buffed to 4 c4 a wall and doors 2 c4.

Spikes should do more damage, snap traps disabled, ladders disabled, a few other changes too I cannot think of on the spot.

Sounds pretty balanced actually, I like the decrease in blast radius for c4… Make raiders actually have to think about what they are doing… Get away from all those ugly house designs and actually make something that looks good… Especially with those triangle and pillars being reduced to a more logical cost. My group will check it out for sure hope to see you on there

The only thing I miss from legacy is the building/raiding system, that means:

-No cupboards.
-No building piece is breakable by tool but wood doors.
-Pilars in the middle of foundation unallow anything to be build in the next level.

I find the rest of stuff in legacy less more gamechanging, so if those are not in the mod I wont feel it like legacy.

I didn’t play legacy… But from what I read was that the cupboards reduce peoplw blocking you in?.. So makes sense to keep that, atleaSt to me. And why not have someone spend a lot of time pick axing through your stone wall? Seems like with a no tool rais everyone would just turtle up for so long

Like I said im not trying to emulate Legacy but get a best of both worlds. I dont agree with removing any of the new stuff. To each his own :slight_smile: when im done with where i want to go i might add more extreme options like these for servers that want to go that far

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Cupboards aren’t really an issue with ladders imho. Im gonna see if i can enabke twig with no cupboard though…

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Indeed, that said i have plans to make c4 cheaper :slight_smile:

If I wanted to play legacy, I’d launch legacy.

This mod leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Cool with me, like I said some loved legacy, others not so much. I have over 3500 hours played combined on both versions and I know what I love and hate in both versions. It’s purely subjective of course but what I’m aiming for is making sure what I love in both is there in Experimental and what I hate in both is removed/fixed.

If you don’t like it, just don’t play it, no need to put it in your mouth :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good crossover balance between both versions of Rust. I personally didn’t care much for Legacy, but I’m sure this will make some big Legacy fans happy.

Although I think what a lot of people liked from Legacy was the twitch style gunplay that feels more like every other first person shooter out there. Not sure that’s an experience you’ll be able to recreate with a mod. But I could be wrong.

Either way, I think your server will appeal to some players.

I wanna get pretermit with a deeZ nutzz joke but I haven’t read the rules of the forums yet :confused:

you’re very existence leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Jesus I hate it when someone wants to be a filthy little troll.

back on topic: I love your idea bro. I wish you much succession :slight_smile: :rock:

To be honest I don’t really see what peeps are complaining about gun-wise, but then again I’m not big on PVP so perhaps I’m missing something. The bullet drop is a bit extreme in my opinion and I will see if I can tweak it a bit, but that’s not a priority for me.

Next up would be readjusting all explosives vs walls/doors/windows. I did a first step in version 1.0.0 that’s live now but I want to go a little further.

The whole rad issue is next after that. I want people to be able to walk in rad towns and not die from rads. Rads should be an annoyance, not a death sentence, I want action to concentrate around rad towns, clans to fight for control, fully geared peeps roaming the rad towns, etc. I know I can easily tweak the protection clothing gives, but I’d rather lower the actual rads or perhaps the damage it does. Like I said I haven’t looked at what’s possible in details yet.

Should we wait on joining the server until you get it pretty much where you want? Or are we able to join now and not be too interfered… And that rad town concept sounds awesome… New rust a gangland wars… Can their atleast be a clans mod? That issues a tag by your name

I don’t have an issue with the gun mechanics either. The hitscan model in Legacy is one of the things I didn’t like about it. It was too generic. If I wanted to play CS or CoD, that’s what I’d go play. I like Rust because it introduces more realistic physics to the bullets.

I have to disagree on the rad sites though. I found it far too east to get loot in Legacy because the radiation did practically nothing to you. It was a mere hindrance rather than an obstacle. As the game currently stands, - radiation aside - there’s really no world element that’s a real threat to your survival. Predators are scarce and pretty easy to kill. The elements (in their current state) are easy to counter. And the metabolism system is currently little more than a minor part of the game at best. After a couple of hours, you’re basically ignoring meat and food as you don’t need it anymore. Radiation at least gives a real PvE threat that prevents everyone from being able to storm rad sites and get fully geared right from the start.

That said, I think rad pills need to drop more often and need to drop in slightly higher quantities than just 1 at a time. They were far too plentiful in Legacy, and I think they’re way too rare in the current version.

That makes sense… Me specially since the server just starting up , those who are very first to join can just milk the rad towns leaving whoever follows at a big disadvantage

I have 3 servers at my disposal, two of which are not populated so I’m developing/testing on these and then releasing stable versions to the “live” server. The live server is administered seriously and wipes only when forced by FP. So to answer your question, it’s ready to play and we also took a lot of time to select a very very very good map, it’s awesome. We would definitely welcome the pop as we changed hosts and lost lots of players lately. I hope I’m not crossing any advertisement lines with these statements as far as forum rules go.

The clans mod I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m pretty fond of the fact you can’t tell who is who, it’s much more realistic (even if it’s very frustrating at times). The way I do it with my clan is that we have clothing codes (that change regularly). For instance we’ll run around with rad pants and instantly know who is on our team. Not saying I won’t ever go that direction, but I feel the game is fine as it is. Once Garry introduce clothing colors that problem won’t even be one anymore.

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I see what you’re saying but then again… It’s way too easy as it is now as well. Everybody has a bag at every rad town and does a skinny run every now and then and gets all their blueprints in a couple days. The only resistance you’ll ever encounter is rads or the occasional nude trying to hit you with his rock as he is dying himself.

Back in Legacy it was dangerous to do anything. You could go for drops but you’d certainly have half the server over you. You could go for rad towns, but these were controlled and patrolled by players looking for action (this is gone now, totally)… you could go for rad animals, but there were what, 7-8 spawns, all of which were farmed non stop by competing players.

Getting your blueprints was hard work, not just a dumb mindless skinny run… and that power struggle for all these points was constant from wipe to wipe because everyone would see any of these sources as PVP hot spots and places to have fun and meet players.

I’ll see where I’ll take it, but I’m trying to stir player interaction and make rad towns meaningful again.

I hope Garry will see your suggestions and make it standard for Rust :slight_smile:

In fact, I might be partly responsible for the inner/outer wall changes :slight_smile: I did a post on reddit a couple weeks ago suggesting they bring back stronger walls vs doors and Garry himself replied to it saying he’d add some of my suggestions to the tracker :slight_smile:

That said, what I want for Rust and what everyone wants for Rust is two things. I do agree with myself most of the time :slight_smile:

You said find server with Lime in it, would that be: server name will be Legacy Rust :: [LiME] Mod 3x Craft 2x Wood 2x Stacks (US East) then? Also, you said you have multiple servers, this one will be the main or is this the test server that will go live on another server ?

That is the live playable server. Test server has L.I.M.E. tag… The 3rd server is not used for testing, its our old host which is beyond terribad at supporting modders. We are phasing out the 3rd and inviting players to move to the lime one you mentioned.