Announcements Mod?

Is there any kind of mod or addon or something that will flash a message? I just want to have the forum link for my community show up from time to time on each server of mine. It’s in the motd, but people never read that. I don’t mean a derma box or anything popping up, just some text, maybe in the chat area or something.

Could you not use the ASSmod function that puts messages on the top bar?

– Don’t touch.
local msg = {}
msg.Num = 1

– Config stuff starts

– List each message here
msg.List = {
“message 1”,
“message 2”,
“message 3”

– Choose the delay between messages in seconds
msg.Delay = 120;

– Config stuff ends

– Begin script

function msg.Send()

if ( msg.Num > #msg.List ) then msg.Num = 1 end

for K, V in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do

	V:ChatPrint( msg.List[ msg.Num ] )


msg.Num = msg.Num + 1

timer.Create( “ubermensch_msgtimer”, msg.Delay, 0, msg.Send )

– End script

Untested but works assuming the code is right.