Announcer Pack Plugin (Question/Request sound file implementation)


I’ve been sketching up an idea for an announcer plugin and lurking a lot of forums about the subject and it seems SO CLOSE to being possible. Some amazing work has been done within the community and I have a few questions about possible implementation for some of these things.

The main goal: Create a plugin that tracks killstreaks and plays an external sound file (not available in game) according to the number of kills earned and resets back to 0 after a certain duration of time.

The issues:

  1. It IS possible to pull external image files hosted through a website and sound files are not (to my knowledge).
  2. It IS possible to convert sound files that are instrument based into .ABC and use them similar to how the guitar in game uses sound, however voices cannot be transferred.

The questions:

  1. Is this something I can implement clientside via user download?
  2. Are there plans for future updates to implement ease of use for external sound files?

Clientside modding is not supported at the moment and risks anticheat ban. While the devs have begun taking steps towards supporting modding to a greater degree, to date this focus has been on server mods such as Battle Royale in the Official tab.

The client is changing under the hood often enough that maintaining a stable client mod surface would be a significant time investment with every patch. While the server also has this problem and the server mod communities adjust, wild-west clientside modding is indistinguishable from injecting hacks, so there would need to be a specific supported method (or multiple) that was sandboxed but also exempted from suspicion by anticheat–this is what would be tedious to keep current and safely functioning every patch.

I imagine this could happen eventually, but I think it’s fairly premature. Note: I am not a dev nor am I a mod.