Annoyed Tree's Unfinished Gamemodes Release (Dev)

These gamemodes are not complete even if they might seem as they are. I got bored of these gamemodes and I'm releasing the codes to people who might want to continue them

The Last Stand (Third Person Shooter)
This gamemode was a over the shoulder based shooter. I tried to make it team based. Basically it’s done but the only thing is the seller isn’t done. (VGUI).


Roleplay (Roleplay)
This was a roleplay that I was making for a guy and he was just getting really annoying and bugging me all the time. He wanted it to much like kuroScript so I said fuck it and just stopped. It’s only like 40% done. There is a lot to still be implanted in it.


Brainstock 2 (RPG)
I tried a continuation of the original brainstock (which was very successful) but I used data stream a little to much and it turned out really bad and slow. No pictures available sorry.


Are you going to continue coding for GMod?

Yea, but I just ran out of ideas

Cool. Make a board game gamemode. :3:

I have a question for ur Bioshock2 Gamemode, How do i get the npc trader, is there a command to place it or something, if so tell me, if not its ok.

wow ur fucking dumb lol Bioshock2 lol

Thats what the gamemode name is sir…

use the console command ‘create_seller’ with an argument of your choice


Thanks Bro

The Third person one looks smexy :wink:
Did you solve the issue where the the aim wasn’t correct?

[EDIT:] Just tried it, amazing! I would love to continue this, with your consent of course.

Yes, anybody can continue my gamemodes.

I want to finish the roleplay one, what needs to be done and doe sit need sql?


Also what are the commands for the roleplay gamemode?


also weres the stuff for the roleplay not included btw.


Also another question what are the commands to setup the role-play on my map.

Annoyed Tree, i vote, you drop everything except for Last Stand, it has awesome potential

Go and read the code?

Don’t be crazy when Finishing a gamemode there is no need to read the code he is going to make it epic you have no idea of his Power

Obviously ;3

Well it’s basically done, just needs a map and for the store VGUI to be finished.

I’ll map for the Last Stand, if you want.

What about the screwed up animations in MP? :stuck_out_tongue:

Annoyed Tree has been my main inspiration with GMOD Coding.