[Annoyed] What is Facepunch doing about rock bases?

Rock bases have been around on Official servers for so long. Me and my team have reported so many rock bases in this wipe. Some were destroyed by the admin, but just once. Then they sprawled back up again and we’ve been reporting so many times, but in vain. If you have ever seen a rock base, then you know that there is no way to actually raid one. It gives an unfair advantage to the opposite clan. They can safekeep their stuff in the rock and keep hitting their rival whenever they have enough explosives to do so. This shitty situation is making me have second thoughts about playing this game. If someone from FP is reading this, all I want to ask is what are you guys doing about this glitch? Is it ever gonna get fixed?

This trick has been around since September 13, AND it still works!!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSvQG-JPaXk

TL:DR - Rock bases are so friggin unfair and need to be fixed. What is FP doing about it?

Try not playing on official. Having an administrator helps a lot.

There isn’t any good community or modded server in SEA. And I get like 250 ping on EU servers, so…

I disagree. but ok. sometimes you have to look, or click on the filters at the top of the list. (like ping or player count)

I find that MOST of the good community servers are in the seattle-decent-ping area

Also, facepunch is actively removing the ways in which they can get inside rocks. try to rotate stairs when you are standing on them. as a matter of fact, try getting inside a rock right now by any means. If you do it post how. Then you won’t be able to anymore.

I feel like he might mean South-East Asia…

The fix for this is so easy. Credits go to Reneb @ Oxide for this one if I remember right.

While colliders are unidirectional, you can check if a player is in a rock by doing a raycast upwards and another down from the sky to the player. If you catch rock from the sky but no rock from the player, then he obviously is in a rock. The raycast can be configured to catch all items in a straight line, so building a roof won’t allow to get around this check.

I can imagine a few situations where this might trigger false positives but at the very least, a big red warning could pop on the admin’s console to warn a player might be doing shady stuff.

I don’t know much about this kind of stuff. Do you know what kind of system resources that would tie up? It sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure I’d want to introduce more strain on (let’s face it) an already poorly optimized system.

It’s not something you need to run every second… Just doing this check on player respawn and every 2 secs for a minute or so after that would add about zero overhead.

Raycasts are triggered constantly by the game, every bullet and just about every player movement triggers them so they are super cheap operations that require little to no resources or time.

There was a plugin in Legacy that did this. It could be done in Experimental as well. I never bothered because I have yet to encounter any rock glitchers on my server, but if I had a higher pop I would definitely go for this.

Ideally this should be part of Cheatpunch and reworked in a way that creates no false positives.

Erm … yes, LAST YEAR! Bases inside rocks have been a constant problem now for well over a year, (getting on for 2 years now)! I agree with the OP, why is this never addresses by Facepunch?

If this can indeed be detected by an “inexpensive” raycast then WTF isn’t this being done already. I have read so many rants about this over the last year or more, and so many people have rage quit the official servers because of this!