Annoying Admins that piss me Off.

Hello, today I was playing Rust on a server with some friends. I was in my base, moving around, then went out side. I looked around for people, and the sun to see how much time I had. Then, moments later, I was kicked and banned from the server. My friends asked the admin why I was banned and he replied “He looked at me when I was invisible”.

This is something that really pisses me off. I get it, its your server and you don’t want hackers on it, but this admin seemed paranoid. He jumped to conclusions and banned me, he didn’t follow me around, and hadn’t seen me do anything else suspicious. Because I was looking around and he was invisible, I was banned from the server. I was particularly mad because my friends and I had made progress on the server and some ASSHOLE banned me.

Well, that’s the end of my story, anyone else have similar experiences or ever get blamed for hacking?

Incoming: a bunch of dumb server advertisements touting “NO ADMIN ABUSE!”

Admins can be pieces of shits sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

On on my server that me and my little brother made. uh um here is is ip

Its called xXNewbHaxors|No Admin Abuse|Oxide oh and if my little bother is on the Admin abuse thing may not be true.

^Thats fake BTW

Anyway yeah I hate those game servers with Admins like your description, we really can’t do anything about it though :c

did you know, even your invisible, we can hear you walk and specialy in a house…
lol the admin…

And u can still see admins name… It does not make him all invisible. They just put on invisible clothes. And u can still see his name

I can provide a little bit of perspective from the admin point of view. I own and admin a server (shameless plug here) [US EAST] BleedOUT | PvP | Vanilla | Active Admins | Wiped 2/25

I have to say, as I’m sure you have all heard before, that the admin tools provided to server owners/hosts are REALLY weak… As previous posters mentioned, players can still see your name and hear your footsteps when you are donning the invisible gear, and this makes it really hard to catch people in the act of hacking. One of the most difficult hacks to detect is ESP, where players can see virtually every other player or item on the map. My only guess is, perhaps he was looking for someone with ESP, and got confused because you “found him” while he was invisible? Either way, this wouldn’t qualify for a ban, but its a thought…

The developers really need to provide the admins with a 3rd person spectate ability, allowing us watch people without their knowledge. Our only option is to put on the invis gear, teleport to a player, and hope that they dont notice. You also have to hope that they aren’t currently in their base, because teleporting into someones base, in my opinion, is a little bit of a breach of privacy. Also, the teleport often glitches you inside of walls, below floors, etc…

This is no excuse for poor admin behavior/abuse. I know what it is like to be banned wrongfully from a server, and lose your invested time and hard work. It sucks. That’s why I started my own server (which to be honest, isn’t all its cracked up to be either because you really never play or enjoy the game like you used to). Thankfully we’ve gotten some great traffic, and a really good community of players that help our admins do their job. Find a place to play with good, non abusive admins (see top of post :slight_smile: and make yourself a part of the community. Any good admin will appreciate your help, as it will make their difficult duties easier. Good luck!

and him holding a gun if he has one

normally these posts are whiny kids complaining about admins, but im with you on this one. That admin is an idiot. That would piss me off too

I would be so pissed if that happened to me