Annoying bug

yea well for some reason when im online sometimes when i enter a seat my screen begins to overlapp and only way to fix the issue is to re join and then sometimes my materials wont fully load i am using the beta U.I and video issue is not possible for i have a HD 5750 with 1gb on board memory. and i know it is not my card becoase i have had friends this has happened too as well.

Also i do have windows seven 32-bit.
plz help ASAP
as for i have lost alot of stuff e2s vehicles and projects lasting over a 4 hour length such as walkers and buildings.

List addons
Post a screenshot

well all i have is wire svn phx svn uhm pew pew svn gmodtower svn and a hole lot of others this has happened just recently like a few days ago.

and if i posted a screenshot it would just be what i last saw that overlaps