Annoying Grid Problem???!

This problem happens sometimes and its really annoying.
I don’t really know how to fix it.
Every time i try to make a block, it simply wont respect the grid!
This is annoying because i really cant work at any map like
No flame intended.

It’s respecting the grid, you’re just too zoomed out to see the actual grid. It’s likely at a strength of 1 or something.

No, its not at that strength its at the strength you see in the picture.

You’ve deactivated Snap to grid, if only I remember the sortcut…
Also, sniffing terrenteller.

Shift + W IIRC. If not, just snap to grid from a menu. Also, I can’t take you seriously with that username. D:

I had that username from since i was a kid and i can’t really start changing it now :open_mouth: