Annoying host booter.

Kids shouldn’t play with host booters! Atm someone is using 20+ different IPs to attack my Garrysmod and VNC port. This is senseless and annoying.

To my understanding there is no real way of avoiding a ddos attack from multiple addresses but they’re a few tricks.

  • Unplugging the router to reassign the dynamic IP
  • Changing the ports being attacked
  • Block every IP from the attacker

I’m hoping the attacker will just get bored, I don’t want to change any of these.

DDoS to all abusers of their admin-rights! I’m glad to see someone teaching you a lesson.

So what are we developing guys?

@itkuitkzhji What? How do I deserve this. I’ve done nothing but receive packets from some malicious kid.

A sense of respect for the rules.

Well, I wanted to develop a better way of avoiding this, and I thought somebody might be able to help. But maybe that was the wrong idea.

Lol, nice try. This isn’t the section to whine about being ddos’d. This is the section to talk about developing things for garrysmod.

Lol, I’m not the one whining though. FYI this thread is labelled as ‘Rant’ and is also about developing a better sense of security for other server developers like myself. I don’t understand why you’re whining over this thread.

you cant develop anything to stop a ddos

this thread is useless and you are posting dumb stuff. That’s why he’s whining.

Wrong section = ban. Am I correct?

Then please explain to me what a rant is.

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This IS the section for server development, correct?
How would a developer tackle a DDos problem?