Annoying lighting problem

I’ve been working on a map for Left 4 Dead and I’ve decided that I wanted it to be pitch black in the first building. So I took a look at how it is and a majority of the props are showing up in the complete darkness with a shiney look to them.

Here’s what it looks like;

Does anyone know how to fix this? Because it’s really annoying me.

Those lights are supposed to be off to, but because of this problem they look as if they’re turned on.

Cubemaps? And set the skin of the model to an off one.

I don’t quite see what you’re saying, I’m not using cubemaps if that’s what you meen, unless I should be?

You should always use cubemaps…

Not using cubemaps can result in this, yes.

I suggest putting a cubemap in every room. Run the map, play it, and in the console type ‘buildcubemaps’. This should fix the problem.

Ah okay, I did this just now and it helped a bit, all of the flourescent lights on the ceiling are still showing up and theres still a hint of shineyness to some of the props, is there something else I must do to fully fix it?

Edit: Nevermind I’ve got it fixed now, I think it’s just the light props themselves are being weird.

It’s them having the “On” skin. Find an “Off” skin for them.

Just check if there is a lamp with the same model but has the word “off” in the name, or for some lamps, change the skin to 1.

Also, you mentioned shinyness, I have this problem too. But only in L4D. Cubemaps in L4D are a bit strange. Sometimes when I place cubemaps and build them things shine like they were emitting light or something, I then place more of them (in different places, sometimes closer or further away from the model). This is really frustrating, as it only happens in L4D for me. I have no problem with cubemaps in other games. But L4D seem to need a large amount of them, or none at all.


What do cubemaps do exactly?

And how?

They calculate reflections on surfaces and models.

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