Annoying problem with Smartsnap that's driving me nuts!

Hi there.
I have this odd problem with my smartsnap.
When I weld 2 props together with EasyPrecision tool I get this smal lip on the sides.
I have used smartsnap ever since I started playing Gmod and have never had this problem.

Here are some pics:

I know it’s a really small problem but it’s driving me nuts.

I don’t know how long this has been going on.
Maby it broke after some Gmod update, i don’t know.

If anybody else has this problem please reply. If you got a fix i’ll love you.

Yours - Iper

It shouldn’t be Smartsnap. It must be the easy precision tool. Check your settings and/or re-install both addons.

I even tried to reinstall Gmod. Did not work.

They might conflict, but that probably isnt the case. :colbert:

I’ve got the same problem with smartsnap, and it’s definitely smartsnap because when I put ropes they don’t connect to the same spot. Might be something in the recent update that made it fail.

Gosh, thank you for replying.
Now i know i am not the only one.
I hope they’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Update: not source engine!!

I resolved my problem after updating my “Armoured Combat Framework”. That might be the solution if you also have it. If you don’t have it try tracking back through your addons to see which is causing the conflict.

I do not have ACF.
After i reinstalled Gmod i only installed Easy Precision and Smartsnap. No more addons.
And still, the same problem.

That’s even stranger… I’m not sure what I can do to help then.

I just wanted to bump this thread a bit just to make sure I am not the only one that has this problem.
If you do, please make a thread and what Addons to garrysmod you have.


It seems like you having same problem as me, however problem is in settings of Gmod, look in my thread.