Annoying problems on SOME Darkrp servers

It’s been a week since i first had this problem and i can’t fix it.

On SOME darkrp servers my money doesn’t change, i can drop and take money but the number won’t change
and when I buy a door or someone else buys a door the name doesn’t appear it just stays Unowned even if i can lock it.

These are my addons, maybe they are conflicting:

Stacker Stool
wire model pack 1
Adv Duplicator

I fixed it!

By any chance, when you load up, are all the classes the same? Like even though they advertise as custom classes/jobs, are they defaults? If so, I have the same problem as you.

I don’t know what you mean but on the scoreboard where it should say the job some people have it blank even if they are a cop and when i change my job to a gundealer the color will change but it would still say “Citizen”.

Some versions of DarkRP interfere with other addons you should try and find another server with a different version.

I fixed my problem, well i modified pcmod2 some time ago and when i deleted it it worked again