Annoying shacks over top loot areas

Is anyone else annoyed with people placing shacks over top of loot areas? I experienced this on my server yesterday, some asshat decided to plop a woodshack with a metal door over all the pallets with loot in the Hanger area.

Actually, it’s pretty ingenious. Good on him.

pickaxe + shelter = no shelter

you could consider it greifing , though in a perfect game i would think there would be mechanics in place to prevent that .

till then pick axe it , zombies drop lots of pick axes so kill them till you get one.

if only you could build a bigger shack and put it over their shack haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, i havent seen this yet. Though it’s likely considered griefing on the server I loadout on.

Had a few people pull this on my server but went in and destroyed them all and if any of them were in, turned on PVP long enough to kill them and then banned them. They thought they were bring slick but all they did was have their names added to the shared ban list I have with several admins.

I see people trying to lock down the hangar all the time. We raid, they cry, the end.