Annoying sound while playing Rust from steam.

Everytime I start Rust from steam the game runs fine until I join a server and then every 5-10 seconds I hear the windows "Ding 1"sound, which makes playing extremely annoying, does anyone know a work-around or any suggestions on what to do?

Edit: No sir, I can leave the game alone (as in not touch anything and it will still make the noise.)

Does it happen when you’re hitting the sprint button? Windows sometimes alerts you if you hit the shift button too many times.

So I have found out something that may be to some use, the noise isn’t coming from playrust.exe because I have all of my programs muted, but I was wondering, is there any program that rust uses to run in the background that will make the noise? Because the noise only happens while I am playing rust.

Ok, I found a fix to this (for me at least) You have to disable the “andrea microphone technology” app/program.