Annoying SpaceBuild 2 Problem

So, I’ve watched many tutorials and they all say the same thing about building ships and hooking up life support. The only thing is once I get into space with my ship about 30 seconds later all my storage units on my ship (energy, air, coolant) start flashing blue then my batteries explode… Any idea why this happens and how to prevent it? I’m playing with SpaceBuild 2 on Gooniverse and everything else seems to work fine, just the stupid batteries explode.

Get Spacebuild3.

SB3 doesnt work for some odd reason. When a friend tries to connect to my server it kicks me out of gmod. Hence why Im using SB2.

Snake (maker of SB) doesn’t support SB2 anymore (sorta like Garry and GMod9) so your best bet is to get SB3 and ask why that’s happening.

Well thats fine if he doesnt support it any more. I’d just like to know why my dang batteries explode in space lol. I’m reinstalling SB3 right now to give it another try but I have a feeling its gonna be lame some more.

By not supporting it anymore I mean that your problem is probably a bug and he won’t fix it.

CDS makes your stuff blow up. Remove CDS.

Ah, I did not know that. Thank you Divran. And thanks jetboy for trying to help.

Ok, so I went back to SB3 and everything seems to be working fine. Except the mining add-on won’t load. CAF just says there was an error loading the mining add-on, everything else loads fine. Where can I find some diagnostic info to post about the loading process? I don’t really want to post my whole console log, it’s a bit lengthy…

Mining addon is still in alpha. Just delete it.

SB2 is not supported by the team, but its still widely used on many servers.
It’s old, but not dead.