Anon vs. Ragnarok & Sir Mortimer (loads of pics sorries)

Sizing each other up, waiting for the ref to start the fight!

Shortly after the fight, notice the referee commited suicide to avoid being shanked by Mortimer.

Then some gang banger who wasnt happy with the result, came up to mortimer and shot him in the back of the head, insta-self impale.

very badly photoshopped masks

The latest work in the screenshot section saddens me.
The posing is horrible, work on that alot.
Avoid clipping, the rebel with his arms folded are sticking inside him.
If you did fall over on a sword, the hilt wouldn’t stick up with your body suspended.
Turn up your graphics (if you can). Try fingerposing. Always pose ragdolls, never just plop them down.

They aren’t photoshopped lol.

What person said above^

yeah they’re not photoshopped, the mask came with a model pack and i welded them on faces. and you dont have to point out to me how much i fail, im pretty aware. but thanks for the future tips!

No-collide is your friend, use it.

also i just checked my graphics, and they’re at the highest possible for gmod… i guess i better pick sexier maps…

Zoom in with the camera.

Comic to me.


Nigga best be trollin’.


Better edit that son.

if you really were trying, you should wait a day before making a thread

sometimes you can see your pictures more objectively

Here’s some new shots, i tried to get every model detail perfect. how much of an improvement is this? --Also soap is sliding, i didn’t seriously think you would use that posture kneeling.

Also screw story line, its way more fun to get one decent shot.

looks like his arm is broken in the 3rd shot.

You need to make sure that if you rotate the arm to look natural.
Or atleast hide the weird bend.

Oh shit they’re not lol. I didn’t pay attention to the reflections from the lights at first. The edges looked very aliased

Just to add to what others in here have been saying, try to find ways to make the scene lighting more interesting. Mess around with ingame effects like depth of field as well.
Work on realistic posing, take more time to perfect poses, learn editing techniques, etc