Anonymous Gaming Serious Rp 24/7 Drugs,customjobs,inventory cssrealisticweps

Sup, this is my first server untill when i was 12. so far, ive configured this server enough, and theirs alot of normal rp things added, like, drug mod, pc mod, normal things, and without restrictions. my server is up, but still gotta fix Ulx. you can also donate by going to this link:

Or. just join my server and have fun IP:

We got custom jobs,shipments, even the inventory that save’s your stuff. i recommend trying this out and donating if you like it so i can keep the server up.

And a custom site:



Your DarkDM server isn’t serious.

Why is it “Anonymous gaming”?
It’s not anonymous at all…

I know, but i mean that, act serious, while in-game.


Reason i called it anonymous gaming is because barely anyone knows about it.

DarkRP =/= Serious

All the usual DarkRP flame, you guys must say the same thing on every one of these advertisements.

Because its NOT serious. We can tell by the name and the fact it has wire/phx

Of course it has Wire and phx3, without them, my server fails.

Wiremod can be good for roleplay.


But, Find a way to disable E2

You COULD get a real website instead of using webs.

I would, but i dont have any restrict tools


Actually, no, i don’t have enough money for that

Then people will not really take your clan/community serious (If you do plan to make a clan/community).

Why make a clan for a single server.

Who said i can’t?

Nobody. You still have not answered my question.

custom jobs and drugs? I’m already seeing the future of this server.
mingebags, mingebags, and oh I dont know, possibly some mingebags?

Because i want too. and if i do get donations, id probably be able to make a 2nd server, so. i like to pre-prepare stuff.


how nice of you to call yourself a mingebag! lolololol

you guys should chill

he is just trying to advertise his server, he is not asking for a million dollars