*Anonymous User's* Sexy Autoexec

The name of the user who made this wishes to remain anonymous

Hey you, sexy peoples, ever wonder how Anonymous user gets such nice looking pictures? I have the answer!
Anonomous users patented (not) Autoexec file!!
This auto exec will:
[li]Decreases overall texture blurriness from a distance[/li][li]Makes lighting less spotty and more sexy looking[/li][li]Lets you save your screenshots in TGA format by pressing the \ key, giving you amazing quality images[/li][li]Cures AIDS[/li][/ul]

Using it you can get nice Screenshots like these:



Think these screenshots are mediocre? WELL FUCK YO- I mean I respect your opinion.
Here’s a comparison to show the difference texture quality:


Dont tell me to do the camera thing, I know that already but forgot to do it for this thing. You can still notice a difference though.
Normally when you’re around those zoom points, the faces look like utter shit, but the Autoexec makes them alot less shittier.
So, if I have swayed you, dear customer, obtain your product here:
http://filesmelt.com/dl/autoexec312.cfg <= CLICK THIS
to install it, place it in your cfg folder and rename the file “Autoexec.cfg” without quotes.

If you wish to do some better comparisons, feel free to do so.

erm wtf?

It’s an autoexec file that adds some additional graphical improvements on start up.

does it include stuff like r_lod 0 and mat_picmip -10?



-It worked but i think i will stick with jpeg_quality 140 thanks-

Will it crash my game? My computer’s kind of shitty. Is this only for high-end computers?

It should work fine on your computer. Can’t hurt to try at least

Honestly, the changes don’t warrant the 4mb per shot hard to work with .tga files.