Another abusive admin. - Life of a ''bandit''

So, another story about another abusive admin.

i joined a new server today, with my crew.

And YES… WE ARE BANDITS! and we plainly admit it.

so we joined. buttnaked and a guy offered to help us… so we decided to swing a pickaxe at his head. yes cruel… but we are bandits.

well… i managed to kill this fully equipped kevlar guy. with my friends help offcourse.
i stashed my newly found loot in a hideout.

Then later i was at a radtown. i found a Mp5 and some bullets in a chest at rad when i heard some people. 3 guys. 1 had kevlar, and 2 with cloth and armor. i was at the building where you go up the stairs… i decided to jump down behind the kevlar. and just spray in his back. then killed the leather with same mag. grabbed the kevlars shotgun and killed the running other guy.

a nice day… at this moment we had been playing for… say 30-40 minutes. and i had a house. multiple sets of kevlar. and alot of ammo. guns and stuff.

Suddently while sorting my things. the admin teleports one guy. into my house to kill me.

  • just fucking great.

Apparently, when i accused the admin of being an abusive one. he said: ‘‘oh, i just thought he wanted to help you’’

how fucking stupid can admins get… i mean… really?

Ziffic was the admins name.

Rather than complaining… just find a new server.

I play on Rust In Peace personally and I was even against community owned servers because of admin abuse, but they dont abuse at all.

This is even more useless than most of these dumb threads.

If you want to deter people from playing on a server then you should probably include server information.
Obvious stuff…

please stop posting, just stop.

What’s abuse? Did you find any rule that said he may not TP people?

Seriously, stop screaming for abuse… If he wants to blow you up with C4 and lock your left overs up in his base it’s his decision, move on to a new server and see what you get.